What is art? That’s the question I first asked myself two years ago. And since then, every day I’ve been trying to feel the artist inside of me and live as that artist. I’m realising that art has no rules. It can’t be channelled into a pre-existing path, which is why an artist can’t be set in a fixed pattern or follow the public’s expectations. An artist can only express the art he has inside him.

I’m realising that an artist’s language is emotion. Through a painting, a sculpture or a dance he can express his own inner world.

I’ve realised that an artist’s food is inspiration.  And inspiration is something that has a life of its own: it can’t be created. All an artist can do is feed off it when it comes, without asking any questions. Inspiration is the companion that guides a painter’s hand, the dancer’s steps and the musician’s fingers.

I’ve realised that making art to satisfy the public’s needs, without following inspiration and my own inner world, is harmful. Art will not compromise. Perhaps that’s why Van Gogh only sold one painting during his own lifetime but today is one of the most famous artists in the world.

I’m trying to promote my art without compromising my art.  
I paint firstly for myself, because it amazes me and gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to see what I have hidden inside. At the same time I’m trying to make my work known using the tools and communication strategies that everyone uses nowadays. I haven’t sold many of my paintings. I still can’t live on my art. But I want to prove it’s possible. They’ve told me that with art it takes time.  

I can see that the world needs art. Because, after watching a good film or listening to good music you feel you’re capable of anything. Because when you’re completely immersed in a painting by Caravaggio, suspended inside it, the experience is truly incredible. Because by standing in front of a statue from ancient Greece you can feel just how men felt at that time.