I share some ideas that are the fruit of these years devoted to artistic expression. For those who want to live their art…

  • If you want to live of your art, separate this from your work: Make art for the pleasure that gives you express yourself, then think about how to promote your art.
  • Live life as a creative process. Every moment can be an opportunity: Paint your body, sing, color the car of the neighbor (foul at night and not to put the signature!), peel a hard egg with the grace with which Michelangelo frescoed the Sistine Chapel.
  • Talk about your art if you like, compared with other artists, documented on the life of famous artists: Many have had your own doubts or uncertainties. We’re all in the same boat!
  • Share the creative process. Art is a valuable asset: it stimulates people to become artists by suggesting techniques and useful cues.
  • To spread your art the best way is the web. The site gives professionalism and is an orderly place to exhibit your works, but today the information travels mainly on Social networks: There are books and sites that explain how to use them to the fullest. Use crisp images and simple language: be yourself and always cultivate quality, rather than quantity.
  • The artist travels with inspiration: When this does not reach you meet valley. Watch movies, listen to music, visit and attend places that can inspire you. Get out of the house!
  • I think that the quality of the things you do is proportional to the pleasure you feel in making them: you walk a path that really means something to you!

Good luck! And when everything seems to go wrong… breathe, relax and don’t take yourself too seriously!


Some years ago I had a dream in which brush paint the world around me, and I have since decided that I dedicated my life to art.

I quit my job of bookbinder (craft that I have done in the last six years) and I started to use brushes and pencils. I chose a pseudonym that would help me to dress well as artist (Vanadis is the name of a goddess in Northern Europe, Freyja, wife of War, love and magic).

I divide my work in four parts:

-study of drawing techniques;

-research into the use and properties of symbols and colors in art, some of which I apply in my work;

-promotion of my work (social networks, site and other);

-artistic expression (the part that definitely prefer!)

Since 2018 my art has come alive! With “Aïundale” I involve the public in a painting of the collective body between music and colors.  By definition, the soul is an artist and in his expression is limitless!